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Your Free Membership

You are a member of the BYU Alumni Association if you have graduated from BYU, completed a minimum of 24 credit hours or have worked as a full-time or permanent part-time employee at BYU. Membership is free. You join a constituency of more than 378,000 who are having a positive effect on the university and the Church as well as on their communities, the nation and the world. With your membership come benefits that range from career services to help you find a job, a directory for finding friends and associates to campus discounts, group insurances, and more. 

Alumni Cards

Alumni cards are available through the BYU Alumni Records office, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 342 Hinckley Center. Call 1-877-827-2218 if you have questions about how to get your alumni card.

Special Offer on Auto and Home Insurance

As a BYU alum, you could save on Liberty Mutual auto and home Insurance (1). We offer personalized coverage, multi-policy discounts, 24-hour claims assistance and much more.  Click for a free quote or call 877-477-4BYU.

(1) Discounts and savings are available where state laws and regulations allow, and may vary by state. Certain discounts apply to specific coverages only. To the extent permitted by law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify. Please consult a Liberty Mutual sales representative for additional information. 

Class Ring

The official BYU ring, in a signet-style, is available in yellow or white gold or premium silver. It features a block "Y" superimposed on a mountain background, surrounded by a circle of white representing Karl Maeser's legendary "chalk circle" of honor. Each official ring is forged inside with "Go Forth to Serve." Students and alumni may also have their initials, degree and class year engraved on the inside of the ring.

The BYU Alumni Association can identify the owner in the event that the ring is ever lost and returned to the school.

A portion of the ring sales will help fund student grants and programs of the alumni association.

To Order:

Call 1-800-837-4235 or click here.

Performing Arts Discounts

$1 off any event sponsored by the School of Music. Valid any performance.
$1-$3 off main stage performances produced by the Department of Theatre and Media Arts depending on event and date of performance.
Performing Arts Series
$1-$3 off professional guest artists presented by the Performing Arts Series depending on event.

Disneyland & Disney's California Adventure

Disneyland Resort and Disney's California Adventure discounts are now available to BYU Alumni.
Disneyland Resort September 2015 Calendar
Disney California Adventure September 2015 Calendar


Information regarding the discount can be found by clicking here.

Email Forwarding

Welcome to @BYU.NET

Welcome to—the BYU Alumni Association's free e-mail forwarding service for BYU alumni (anyone with at least 24 credit hours at BYU). With your own address, you will never again have to notify your friends and associates of a change in e-mail address. This permanent forwarding address stays with you for life, even if you change the service that provides your e-mailbox account.

The concept of the forwarding service is simple:

  1. Get an e-mail account. You need to establish your personal e-mail account with the provider of your choice. Many companies provide free e-mail accounts.
  2. Get a BYU NetID if you don't already have one. This is a one-time process that will take just a few minutes as you move through several screens and provide some personal information that will be authenticated against university records. Having a BYU NetID gives you pre-defined rights to various secured online services offered by BYU. Among these is the new e-mail forwarding service. Other secured services will be offered as they become available.
  3. Get a BYU e-mail forwarding address. After completing the BYU NetID process, it's an easy final step to register for your personal e-mail forwarding address. As part of that registration process, you will record the main address for your chosen e-mailbox account, so the forwarding address knows where to direct your mail. Whenever you change your e-mailbox account, simply come back to BYU's web site and give your forwarding address the new routing instructions for mail.

If you still cannot set up an email forwarding address, you may need to verify your information with us, in order for the system to recognize you as an alumnus or alumna of BYU. To do this, please contact Alumni Records at: (801) 422-6740.

Insurance Program

Life Insurance

The BYU Alumni Insurance Program is a convenient source for life insurance for alumni and their family members. For more information on obtaining group term life insurance through this plan, visit or call American Insurance Administrators at 800-922-1245 weekdays, 8 am – 6 pm, Eastern Time.

AlumniTerm 10/20SM
Group level term life insurance available for 10- or 20-year coverage periods.

*AlumniTerm 10/20 is underwritten by the American General Assurance Company, a member company of American International Group, Inc.

Health Insurance

The BYU Alumni Association offers three different health insurance plans to accommodate your health needs. Those interested may call toll-free 1-800-922-1245 for information on joining the programs.

     Renewable major medical.

Short-term health insurance.

     Supplemental major medical.

Get more information on these insurance plans by visiting or call American Insurance Administrators at 800-922-1245 weekdays, 8 am - 6 pm, Eastern Time.

*ProtectorMed+ is underwritten by The United States Life Insurance Company. GradMed is underwritten by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, Kansas City, MO.

Auto and Home Insurance

Liberty Mutual Auto and Home Insurance

Auto and home insurance plans are offered by Liberty Mutual, a Fortune 500 company that has been helping individuals live safer, more secure lives since 1912. Take advantage of group discount rates, and enjoy a multi-policy discount when Liberty Mutual insures both your auto and home. Call toll-free at (800) 526-1547 for a free coverage evaluation and no-obligation rate quote. (For the most accurate rate comparison, please have your current policy and driver's license number available.)

License Plate


The stretch Y license plate is available at any local Utah DMV.

Make a minimum $35 tax deductible contribution for a BYU license plate and not only put Cougar pride on your ride, but also help deserving students receive scholarships. The stretch Y license plates are available to any vehicle owner registering a vehicle in Utah.

Your $35 donation goes toward a general BYU academic scholarship.

In addition to your donation, one-time state fees of $15 are required; annual renewal requires a minimum donation of $35 plus other fees pertaining to the renewal of a vehicle registration.

To obtain your BYU license plates:

Go to your local DMV, complete the required forms, pay your $35 donation and state fees; then you will be issued your new BYU plates at the DMV.

Direct mail form (requires payment by check.) Go to printable form (Need Acrobat Reader? Click here to download and install). Complete the form, mail it along with your check to address on the form. The state will mail plates and state tags to your home address and forward your donation to BYU.

Online, go to under Online Services click on Personalized & Special Group Rates then under Vehicle Options click on Personalized & Special Group Rates and follow the steps.

For renewal and personalized BYU plate information visit

Questions about BYU license plates call the BYU Alumni Association, (801) 422-6751, or Utah DMV at 800-368-8824.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library program provides a supplemental means for acquiring quality materials for academic purposes. Friends donate money for the purchase of books, maps, manuscripts, and other materials that could not otherwise be acquired. Annual membership benefits are granted according to the amount donated. Click here for more information.


Students and alumni receive 15% discount off select Sprint plans. Click here for more information.